“We’re not just another detail company. We partner with your dealership to successfully merchandise and display your inventory and offer a wealth of best practices to move your inventory and raise your CSI and SSI scores. As the innovator of this business model, we have successfully worked in the industry for over 35 years.”


Tom Miller
Dynamic Auto Images

Dynamic Auto Images, Inc. has been in business since 1985 and services the needs of multiple new and pre-owned automotive dealers in California.

The pride we take in our service is reflected in the long-term relationships with our diverse group of clients and dealer franchises. Our philosophy of excellent service has been consistent throughout our company’s history and is the basis for our company’s growth and success today.

Establishing relationships with dealerships throughout California since 1985. Our foundation for success is built on solid relationships with our dealers. Communication is key, along with a clear understanding of expectations in which we constantly strive to raise the bar higher year in and year out.

Dynamic is a privately owned and operated company providing F & I aftermarket products including Cosmetic Wear & Tear, Window Tint, Clear Bra and Automotive Paint Sealant.

For more than 35 years, Dynamic has been partnering with dealerships to keep their new and pre-owned inventory in perfect condition until each vehicle is sold. We only charge when a vehicle arrives into inventory.

We have a vested interest in providing the best service and highest quality of work possible to help our clients sell each vehicle quickly.

With our corporate headquarters located in Orange, California, Dynamic provides staffing seven days a week during all hours your dealership is open for business. Our professionally trained employees perform duties that exceed all expectations. Dynamic provides all necessary equipment and materials required to successfully complete each service.


  • Dynamic Auto Images has serviced my store for over 16 years and they’ve maintained a high level of service from day one. Their program is revolutionary and has helped reduce my turn time on preowned cars which in effect, has resulted in more sales.

    Frank Bachman
    Frank BachmanGeneral Manager / Vice-President / Fontana Nissan
  • I have worked with Dynamic now for over 7 years and they continue to bring new ideas that help in all our internal recon processes. They constantly look for ways to assist in our success in all avenues of business. They are way more than just a detail company.

    Jack Ameen
    Jack AmeenGeneral Manager / Cerritos Dodge
  • I use Dynamic Auto Images at all 8 of my dealerships and I consider them more of a partner than a vendor. They attend our weekly manager meetings and are very much a part of our day to day operations. Dynamic’s report card is the appearance of our inventory and their weekly lot inspections have helped maintain a high level appearance of our new and pre-owned vehicles.

    Scott Dickinson
    Scott DickinsonVice-President / Browning Auto Group
  • I have over 35 employees from Dynamic on my property and every one of them is respectful and professional. They do a great job handling our customers as if they were their own and this is where I value them most.

    Scott Simmers
    Scott SimmersVice President and General Manager / Palm Springs Motors and Fiesta Ford
  • Dynamic has a state of the art system of invoicing that streamlines and simplifies the billing process saving my staff countless hours. We get two statements a month and reconciliation is a breeze.

    Jody Dyer
    Jody DyerController / South Bay Lexus and Tustin Cadillac
  • Bringing on Dynamic has allowed us to focus on selling cars and taking care of our customers rather than exhausting all my department heads’ energy supervising porters, detailers and vendors. Now we can focus on what we do best and allow Dynamic to implement their policies and procedures and it becomes seamless and worry free for us.

    Chris Justice
    Chris JusticeGeneral Manager / Valley-Hi Honda
  • What makes Dynamic Auto Images program most effective is their ability to adjust their staff at my store on a daily basis to meet the daily demands in volume. They have a work force of over 500 employees and this is a tremendous advantage to my operation knowing I get my new and used cars turned faster than my competition.

    Todd Stokes
    Todd StokesGeneral Manager / Valley-Hi Toyota
  • Dynamic Auto Images is a terrific partner for us at Crevier BMW/ MINI and Commonwealth Audi/Volkswagen. Their business model allows for us to maintain a competitive cost structure while delivering superior quality. I like the fact that they have an on-site manager that is part of our team and is ultimately responsible for production and quality. This single point of contact is an easy way to conduct business and it insures that all requests are handled in a timely manner. Dynamic is skilled at all disciplines when it comes to used car reconditioning and detailing and time after time they go the extra mile for the Penske team in the Santa Ana Auto Mall.

    James Parsons
    James ParsonsGeneral Manager Lincoln Santa Ana
  • Crevier BMW is a proud customer of Dynamic Auto Images since 2005. I consider them to be a vital partner in our success and they continue to meet our high level of expectations. What makes them special is their commitment to excellence and responsiveness to our needs.

    Al Parajeckas
    Al ParajeckasGeneral Manager / Crevier BMW
  • I have used Dynamic Auto Images now for over 15 years and what I value most about them is their reliability. I can count on them to address any and all our needs at the drop of a phone call.

    Tim Hutcherson
    Tim HutchersonPresident and General Manager / Downey Nissan